Demo - second hand - trade in

If you are looking for a second hand board in great conditions or want to swap your board to upgrade to a smaller or bigger size you are in the right place, we offer a lot of different options for you to choose your new eFoil in a more affordable way!

Demo & Previously owned Boards

Get one of our “almost new” Lift eFoils or choose from our big selection of used boards which has already passed the Ibiza Foils Technical Service and they are ready to go!

Contact us to know what’s available and get a PREMIUM eFoil for a very affordable price!

All of our DEMO boards have been used few times, no damage and it’s just ready for you to use it!

Trade in

If you are already a Lift eFoil owner and you are looking to upgrade your gear for maybe a smallest board, or maybe a bigger one for the family or you just want to swap colors, we are here to help.


If you are interested in buying/swaping a board or just have doubts, let us know through this form.
Please include as much information as possible, the product you might be interested in and your location.