Vayu Wings

VAYU, the wind god, is air, space, and the power of weather.
For water people, there is no life without the Ocean and it is what we live for. VAYU breathes on the Ocean giving us waves and the magic of surf.

VAYU is our life and our is Fly the Ocean.  


Our Mission

From day one we strive to create the best products available. Gear that we prefer to ride for ourselves everyday. To achieve that goal, we have joined together a diverse group of water people and riders. Our mission is to create the best gear and bring a fresh breath to the industry. VAYU is much more than amazing products. It’s a way of holistic living with watersports and the ocean.

Key features

  • Windows for improved visibility.

  • Marked handles for easier hand positioning.

  • RIGID STRUT FRAME DESIGN with high canopy tension for exceptional windrange, upwind performance, speed and air-time.

  • Single point inflation system with large diameter inlet/outlet hose for rapid inflation and deflation. Bayonet style inflation valve compatible with most pumps. No adapter needed.

  • Two middle strut Inflation hoses on each side of the middle strut provide a high rate of airflow for quicker setup and deflation. The two connections also hold the bladder in place preventing failure when inflating.

with instructor




Ultra light carbon handles. Available as optional.

Premium High performance D2 Ripstop Fabric made in Japan. D2 is made with high tenacity polyester yarn for lightness, tear strength and endurance providing the highest strength-to-weight ratio and best durability in the industry

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