Our trolley is more than just a bike trailer. A modular system, made of high-quality materials, manufactured in Bavaria. A trailer for many use-cases. A trailer for sports enthusiastsadventurers and families.


How does it work?

  • COLLAPSIBLE & ADJUSTABLE in length and width; disassemble within minutes; no tools needed.

  • MODULAR SYSTEM, Swap wheels any time; change draw bars; attach additional accessories.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & STRONG, high-strength anodized aluminum; carbon reinforced plastic.

  • HAND & BIKE TRAILER, equally balanced; can be detached and attached in seconds.

  • MADE IN BAVARIA 80% EU components; Aluminum produced in Belgium; our goal = 100% EU sourcing.

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Each reacha consists of our patent-pending frame, a textile loading area and interchangable tyres. The plug-in system made of aluminium tubes with snap locks has three special advantages. Firstly, the weight is reduced to a minimum, secondly, every reacha is adjustable in length and width, and thirdly you assemble or dismantle the reacha in no time without any tools. This is how the reacha is easy to transport and store thanks to its low weight and small pack size. In this video Floko shows you how fast and easy it can be set up.

The recommended maximum load is 35 kg when attached to a bicycle and 60 kg when used as a hand trailer.

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adjustable bike trailer

Modular & adjustable

During the development it was our goal to make the reacha as versatile as possible. Thanks to the standardized wheel mounts, different wheels (18″ to 26″ | hub width 100 mm | max. width 4″) can be used depending on the surface and intended use. We offer the reacha in different variants. For all those who still have old wheels at home, we offer the reacha DIY, soming only with a frame and loading area.

The length and width adjustability also contribute to the versatility of the reacha. On narrow/short setting you can easily manoeuvre it through the city and on broad/long setting you can fit up to 7 softboards or a stand up paddle board with up to 14′ length. The adjustment is quick, easy and without tools thanks to the snap locks.

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Quality from Germany

Our partner CTM in Bavaria produces our aluminium frame. Thanks to decades of experience in water sports, the highest processing quality is guaranteed. In contrast to most bicycle trailers, we have also opted for high quality wheels in order to guarantee a long lifespan. All our wheels come from experienced quality manufacturers.

During the development we have tried to reduce plastic to the minimum. For the remaining plastic parts we use so-called “injected carbon”, which mainly comes from recycled carbon from aviation. It is particularly stable and durable.

All our components are stainless and weather resistant. reacha So you can use it with a clear conscience even in sand and salt water.

Last but not least everything is assembled, adjusted and shipped in Bavaria.

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modular bike trailer for


The additional side brackets (or bow) increase the loading capacity of the reacha. With two of them you can stack up to 7 surfboards on your trailer. They are also equipped with snap locks, so you can remove and attach them in no time at all.

We have developed a bicycle adapter that connects to the saddle pole of your bike. Thanks to its textile padding, it also works with carbon saddle poles. The simple length adjustment not only adapts to longer bikes, e.g. with a luggage carrier, but is also an easy way to attach and remove the trailer when parking the bicycle.

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